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Royal, Illustrious and very Ingenious

Tuna of Enginering of Sevilla

First of all, let us tell you that with “Tuna” we are not referring to the fish (which is called “Atún” in Spanish language) but a traditional musical band of university students who play traditional instruments and sing serenades, dressed in “trovadour-like” clothes. Also called “Estudiantina” it is a very old tradition of more than six hundred years.

From these pages you will get to know our history, watch videos of our performances in several contests, see photos of various moments of our endeavors, find out about our CD “Veinte años no es nada” (20 years means nothing, title of the famous tango song) and contact us. We truly hope you enjoy your visit!

CD "Vueve a cantar"


CD "Veinte años no es nada..."


Youtube channel: Tuna contests